About us

Horeca Personeel Inhuren. We had dreamt of living in Amsterdam for many years before we finally made the journey. We studied the language the best we could from America from the internet and saved every last dollar we could. When we arrived we realized we couldn’t speak the language as well as we thought and as Entrepreneurs, from America, we couldn’t get jobs! Thankfully the Dutch speak perfect English and are very helpful when they find out you are trying to learn their language and culture.

We were lucky enough to find out about Freelancing in the Horeca. We had both been servers in restaurants for many years so besides the lack of tips it was a wonderful surprise. We met a lot of wonderful people from many different employment agencies and catering companies from all over Noord-Holland while we waited for our business to launch. Now that our other business is going I didn’t want to leave the Horeca Industry entirely after we met so many great people, I’m a little sentimental I guess.

So we created the Horeca Medewerkers Uitzendbureau to connect businesses with the best freelancers and employment recruiters that we have found. Like any industry there are a lot of unprofessional and unskilled workers pretending to be high end “toppers” when in reality they don’t care at all about your business. We’ve seen certain agencies send workers that can’t carry drinks on a tray and sneak off to check their Instagrams. We’ve watched certain companies allow their workers to be rude to customers and not do the tasks assigned to them. Not only did they not get in trouble for this horrible work behavior, but the client was charged a lot of money for “professional” and “skilled” workers.

But we also found toppers and agencies that took pride in their work. Toppers that were very skilled and no one needed to babysit them. Once you tell them their station or task they went to work and performed exactly what was asked of them with a smile on their face because they loved what they do. It is only with these agencies and freelancers that we will work with. We send only the best so you don’t have to babysit.

Our expertise doesn’t come from false promises and administrative work. Our expertise comes from working the jobs from washing dishes in run down restaurants to waiting tables in 5 star restaurants. We know what to look for in a topper. We know what they should know and how they should act because that’s who we are and where we came from.

So if you are in need of real skilled toppers that work hard with a friendly smile, then contact us and tell us how we can help you and your business.